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    Over 100K
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    Trying to Quit
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    Self Employed
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    School of Life
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    Someone who is trustworthy and marriage minded
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    what can i tell you I am 47 years old. I have had a lot of life experiences. I originally come from London and was there until the age of 5 years old then my parents took me to a place called New Milton in Hampshire just on the out skirts of the new forest in 1976 where i spent some of my time. I broke my arm in 1976 left arm first time! ouch! Then my parents split up and I had a step father who my Mum fell in love with and we moved to Bournemouth in 1976. From then i went to a school called Kings Park primary school was there until 1983. I did most of my growing up in Bournemouth by the sea. My parents then got jobs working for the forestry commission running a campsite called Long Beech which is at a place called Stoney Cross in the new forest Hampshire that was a 6 months there 6 months back in Bournemouth, I learnt to ride horses and had a bike with plenty of bike crashes ha ha. So that was that until i was 14 years old when in August of 1986 I laserated my arm by putting it through a window when I was arguing with my older sister. So that was nasty injury to sustain however i rehabilitated within a year and was back to normal within about two years. From then on I was at a school called Beaufort School in Bournemouth and we were the last year to be there as the school shut down in 1987. So after that it was off to college to retake some GCSE's and I got a C grade in maths. Then on to Chase Manhattan Bank for a six months contract in 1989 and then onto Siemens Plessey's in Christchurch for another six months contract. Then I ended up at Bournemouth UNiversity working in the IT department boring ha ha. Then i became a self employed cab driver until 2010 and for the last six years have done odd jobs all over the place in Reading Eastleigh and other places. Now I am back to being self employed again yipee
    Just looking for a soulmate lover best friend someone to have romantic meals out with or cozy nights in on the couch with a chinese and a movie and moonlit walks down the beach someone i can talk to about my emotions
    I have my own website
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    Martial Arts Horse Riding and Movies Formula 1
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