Mmm pizza.

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    Not Stated
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    High School
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    I would like to meet a nice girl who believes in the gospel. I am not looking for a perfect person, I would like to meet someone who is flawed, makes mistakes and messes up from time to time... just l
  • About Me:
    Hi im Ash. I am a christian and my faith has become increasingly important to me over the years, Jesus has done amazing things for me, and I try to be obedient to Him. Having said that, im not perfect, I mess up and am flawed, same as everyone else. I believe in the gospel of grace. I have been single just over a year, having come out of a 4 year relationship last year. It took a while to get over, and it can be lonely as a Christian. Would love to meet new people.
  • My Interests:
    I like staying fit, going for walks, watching movies etc, all the usual. I like playing tennis which is the only sport I was ever any good at, got no one to play with at the moment. I like gaming and play too much ps4 atm. I play guitar and bass and enjoy writing and recording my own music, its a little hit and miss but im seeing an upward trend so yay. Would be good to meet another musician. To be honest im trying to find out who I am and what I enjoy, life has been all change for me this last year and im kind of rediscovering myself.
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